How did you find KSMG from the beginning?

I had been checking out KSMG for quite some time because I have a friend who used to work here and I had seen her wonderful posts about the company on social media. I myself started following KSMG on Instagram 2018 when they were on kickoff in Åre and was so inspired by their coherance and by how much fun they seemed to have together. The community in particular was something I missed at my previous work and I think that was why I was so drawn to KSMG. I applied for a few different roles within the company even though I did not have the right skills, but in the end a job came out that fitted me like a glove and on my first interview I just felt that this job was mine, and so it was in April 2018!


Tell us more about what you do in your role at KSMG!

I started working as an Office Manager in April 2018 and loved it. Since then, my role has grown and changed, so today I am also an HR administrator, which I studied for in combination with my full-time job at KSMG. I still thrive at KSMG with my colleagues and my work assignments in the same way as I did when I started working here for almost four years ago now. It's wonderful to feel that way!


You've been working here for a few years now and as you said, your role has changed over time. How does KSMG help you develop in your role?

KSMG is an employer that really believes in us employees and wants us to grow within the company. I have been given fantastic opportunities and feel lucky to have an employer who believes so much in me and encourages me to develop. KSMG has great respect for how I want to evolve and the support from my boss, my colleagues and KSMG as an employer has always been great.


What motivates you and makes your work interesting?

My fantastic colleagues! I get so much energy from them and love to feel how we develop together. I also think it is so fun to contribute to our exciting journey that we are on and have ahead of us.


Based on your overall view of our organization as our HR administrator, how would you describe our corporate culture?

KSMG is a company that has grown a lot in a short time, but despite that and almost two years of homework due to Covid, we have still managed to maintain the open, fun and welcoming culture that I was invited to when I started working here. We are much more structured and divided across the teams today but have a close collaboration and a good working relationship, regardless of whether it is in a work project or over a lunch in the kitchen. It is wonderful to hear laughter in the office every day and see how the community continues to grow and expand with new colleagues.


Do we really have that much fun at work?

Yes, we do. I love my workplace and my colleagues. They make me feel safe and give me so much energy every day.


Is there any fun fact you can give us about KSMG as an employer?

Do you know that we are offered a luxury breakfast every Monday? Perfect way start to the week if you ask me and a nice time in the morning when we have time to chat about what happened during the weekend.