At the same time as the HR function is undergoing major changes, we also see that 2022 will mean a record number of new jobs and increased competition on the labor market. If it has previously been difficult to reach out through the noise and find the right talent, we can expect an even greater challenge in the future. With this as a background, we at KSMG have listed three key factors for continued success in the HR segment.

  1. Does your organization not already have an internally established Employer Brand and feel secure that your employees are the best ambassadors for your brand? Then it is time to start that work now! Look into the organization, among the people who have chosen to work with you and who choose to stay. It is not a matter of course. Ensure that your staff understands your business goals and that you have a strong internal relationship with a mutual trust.
  2. Review how you communicate. KSMG have for a long time talked about an increased need to use several platforms when we help our customers with communication to their target groups, regardless of whether it concerns individual job ads or long-term Employer Branding communication. Facebook and Instagram in all glory, but there is also great value in adding other channels as a complement. For example, digital advertising in a relevant context as a replacement for the traditional print advertising, Snapchat and TikTok to reach the younger ones or LinkedIn to reach the more specific cutting-edge competence. In short, more and more activities and platforms are increasingly required to reach out and create successful communication.
  3. Work long-term and give the HR team a clear strategic role in the organization's development work. Regardless of whether it is about employer communication, caring for staff or a reorganization, HR fulfills an important function in the relationship-building process, internally as well as externally.

If you have thoughts about this or any other questions, you are welcome to contact us at KSMG to talk more about your organization. 

Source: McKinsey & Company, Reimagining HR: Insights from people leaders.